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Driver Requirements:
A valid driver's license is required for all rentals. Drivers must have held a driver’s license for driving passenger cars for at least one year.

  • Primary driver will be added to the Rental Agreement by Touring Cars sales office. The office will add the name, which was given upon reservation, to the Rental Agreement. This individual must hold a valid driver’s license, be over 18 years of age, present an acceptable credit card (debit cards not accepted), have held the driver’s license for driving passenger cars for at least one year.
  • Individuals not automatically covered on the Rental Agreement, as Authorised Operators, need to be approved by Touring Cars staff before adding them on the agreement.
  • Renter and each additional authorised driver must be present to sign Rental Agreement, present an acceptable credit card (debit cards not accepted), show valid driver’s license, and must be a minimum of 18 years of age, he or she must have also held the driver’s license for driving passenger cars for at least one year. Additional authorized driver have to present their own credit card for security deposit at rental.

Charges apply for additional drivers:

  • 1st additional driver €7 per day (maximum €49)
  • 2nd additional driver €5 per day (maximum €35)
  • 3rd additional driver free
  • 4th additional driver free

Pick Up and Drop Off:
If you have requested an airport transfer for pick-up, you will be collected from the arrival hall and taken to the depot for pick up - vehicle hand over does not take place at the Airport. Vehicle return also takes place at the rental station. If you have booked an airport transfer for drop-off, you will be driven to the airport after the rental vehicle has been cleared.
Airport transfers are confirmed 30-60 minutes after arrival time and drop-off time is confirmed minimum 3 hours before departure time.
- If you order a hotel transfer for pick-up, we will drive them to our rental station, where pick-up procedures will be performed by our staff. Similarly, if they book a hotel transfer for drop-off, they have to bring the vehicle back to our rental station first. After their rental vehicle has been cleared, they will receive a transfer to their hotel.
- We do not have offices in Kuopio, Ivalo, Bergen or in Trondheim. A staff member will meet you at the airport in these locations to collect the rental vehicle.

Insurance Coverage:
The insurance system is divided into 2 categories in Scandinavia. First category is compulsory insurance, which
covers damages to other party in a case of an accident caused by negligent party. Second category is collision insurance, which covers damages to the vehicle of negligent party.

The collision insurance covers damages to rented vehicle in a case of an accident, fire or theft. The insurance is not valid if the vehicle is being used under influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Also, insurance is not valid if the damages are caused because of careless behavior by the renter or his party. All exterior damages, regardless if they have been caused in a third party accident or not, are subject to deductible. For an example, windscreen is subject to deductible rules if a stone brakes it. Interior damages are not part of collision insurance, so full retail value will be charged for each damaged part.

Touring Cars offers both insurances free of charge to all renters. TC Basic insurance package’s collision insurance has an excess / deductible of €2400 per incident, which means that the renter is responsible for paying up to €2400 if he or she causes a damage or an accident to the vehicle. The collision insurance will pay the excess of €2400. It is very important to notice that the deductible is per damage or accident and not per rental period.

The Excess / Deductible cannot be reduced, when a client travels to Russia or to Baltic states. The Excess / Deductible in the case of theft is minimum 20% of the vehicle’s value. Touring Cars also offers two different extensive insurance coverage options to clients, who rent a camper for a minimum period of one week. Clients can choose to buy more extensive collision coverage and to reduce the deductible amount to €1200 by paying €9 per rental day. They can also purchase TC Premium Insurance, which lowers the deductible to €600. In addition, there is no deductible for one tyre damage or one windscreen damage if a client purchases TC Premium insurance. This package costs €14 per rental day. Minimum period is 7 days or a payment of equivalent amount. These deductible rules are valid for traffic accident damages ONLY.

All insurance packages include Touring Care 24-hour Roadside assistance!.

Security Deposit:
Deposit, amount will be unstated, is required upon departure to ensure that the vehicle is returned in the same condition as it was upon pick-up.
Deposit is made with a credit card imprint, which will be taken at pick-up.
We will authorize one full deductible from client’s card at pick-up, so client’s credit limit should be sufficient to cover the deductible and other purchases that they plan to do during their holiday. Authorization will be cancelled if no new damages will be discovered at drop-off.

All drivers are required to present a credit card on pick up.

Travel Restrictions:
As a rule, you are permitted to travel throughout Europe. However, special insurance coverage is required for Russia,
Poland, Belarus, and the Baltic States. You can travel to these countries with our campers, but you have to follow the special
insurance requirements. If you plan to travel outside of Scandinavia, please advise us at the time of booking.

  • Driving to these countries is permitted with a notation on the Rental Agreement from the Touring Cars counter to present at customs.
  • We obtain a green card, insurance document, if you wish to enter to these countries, but additional traffic insurance might be required. If so, it will be sold at customs.
  • You are required to stay inside the rental vehicle between 20:00 (08:00 PM) and 06:00 (AM). Otherwise, theft insurance is not valid. If you are not using the vehicle, you should organize secured and / or locked parking area for it.
  • Deductible for theft case is 20% of retail value of the rental vehicle or lost items. Minimum amount is €600.

You are responsible for checking engine oil, fluids, and coolant levels at each refueling, as well as reporting mechanical failures immediately. Instructions and procedures for maintenance expense reimbursement are provided at rental. You may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in vehicle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance. In the event the vehicle is in breakdown repair for 24 hours or more, through no fault of your own, our responsibility to you is limited to refund of daily rate or portion thereof. You are required to travel with the rental vehicle to the closest repair location stated by Touring Care Roadside Assistance. We reimburse you based on the following Refund Matrix. Daily refund will be issued for only the days that a vehicle is broken down due to no fault of your own. Moreover, we will not issued refunds for the whole rental period. Diesel reimbursements will be granted only on Severe cases.


Loose dining table Leaking water pipe Water pump malfunction
Broken window mechanism Badly cleaned vehicle Water heater malfunction
CD player not working Leaking gas connection Air Heater malfunction
Missing accessories Head lights / Blinkers / Wipers not working Worn out tires
Exhaust pipe malfunction No replacement fuses Start engine malfunction
Leaking window Locking mechanisim not working Battery recharge malfunction
No pre-booked items available    Refrigerator malfunction
Insufficient orientation    Driving compentation €12 per 100kms
for severe problems

Fuel, Service and Maintenance:
You are required to pay for your fuel. The car hire is to inform the renter the correct quality fuel to be used. Vehicles are handed over with a full tank and are to be returned with a full tank. Please check the tank is full befre leaving the depot on pick up. The renter is liable for damages caused by usage of incorrect quality fuel. During the rental period you are responsible for taking care of normal car maintenance, such as e.g. the engine oil quantity, the radiator and battery fluids, the tire pressures, etc.

Cases of Malfunction, Damage and Theft:
a) You shall immediately inform the depot about malfunctions appearing in the motorhome or about damages to the motorhome as well as about theft. You must also inform the Police immediately about theft. Subsequently the depot shall inform you about the actions to be taken because of the incident. However, without informing the depot you are entitled to have the car repaired for a maximum value of 50 euros, provided it is necessary for continued driving. In such cases the you shall acquire a report from the repair company detailing the performed repair actions and the payment.
b) In traffic accident cases the you are always obliged immediately to submit a damage report to the depot. The report is to be written on the accident report form available in the motorhome. In cases of unclear culpability you shall inform the police. The police are always to be informed in cases of personal injury. The police are always to be informed about deer ccidents by you, who also has to submit to the depot a certificate given by the police and stating the notification.
c) If you neglect the above mentioned notifications, you are liable towards the depot for possible damage caused by this negligence.

Early Returns:
There are no refunds for early returns of the vehicle.

Children travelling in Motorhomes


Legal notice concerning European Union Law


Renewed road traffic and vehicle regulations on children travelling in motorhomes and on temporarily exceeding number of passengers marked on the registration certificate.
1. Temporary excess of passenger count that is marked on registration
Together with the amendment of road traffic act mentioned above, also the regulation on vehicle usage on roads was amended (1257/92, 6th chapter section 38). After the amendment, unambiguously the number of seated and standing passengers in a vehicle must not exceed the maximum passenger count marked on the registration certificate. Drivers and passengers must use designated seating and standing places that fulfill the requirements stated in the act.

This law is affecting our Large and XLarge categories. Starting immediately, only 5 passengers can simultaneously travel in these categories even though there are more beds in these vehicle types.
2. Children travelling in a motorhome
According to the road traffic act (267/81) the sections 88 and 88a state that using a safety belt is compulsory in automobiles, vans, lorries and busses and also in three wheel vehicles and quadricycles. The amendment covers the usage of vehicle´s safety belts already installed and does not expand the installation obligation.
This act covers also camping cars (motorhomes) that are usually registered as passenger cars. A child whose height is less than 135 cm has to be in a type approved safety device when travelling if the vehicle has safety belts or a child´s safety device is other vice installable. However, the act does not require to post installation for those vehicles that are accepted to be used without seat belts. If a child´s safety device cannot be installed - meaning that the vehicle does not have seat belts - children aged 3 and over have to be travelling somewhere else than the front seat. However, children under 3 years have to be travelling always in a baby seat, meaning that if a baby seat cannot be installed in to the vehicle, children under 3 years cannot travel in the vehicle.

All children whose height is under 135 cm must be seated in a child seat or a booster seat when travelling in our motorhomes.

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