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Touring Cars RV Hire in Finland - Europe
Valid 01 January - 31 December 2010

Helsinki in Autumn Specials !!

10% off Standard Daily rates in Helsinki.
Applies to travel until September 30, 2010

  • For all new bookings received between Now to September 31 2010
  • For travel commencing & completed Now to September 31 2010
  • Locations available from: Helsinki
  • Locations available to: All (Normal one-way fees able if booking is one way)
  • All bookings must be transacted using the Booking Code: AutumnSuper10
  • Minimum hire 7 days
  • Touring Cars Standard rates apply either side of travel validity
  • Offer is subject to availability at all times based on fleet capacity assigned to this special package
  • This offer may not be used in combination with other special offers or combined to receive further (if applicable) long term discounts, etc.
  • All other Touring Cars Standard terms & conditions apply

LOng Term Discounts
3% off for 15 - 21 days rental
7% off
for 22- 28 days rental
11% off for 29 - 35 days rental
15% off for 36 - 42 days rental
20% off
for 43 days rental

Click here for 2011 Rates & Specials

Depot Locations: Helsinki and Rovaniemi

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2010 Daily Rates are in Euros
Valid from 01 January - 31 December 2010
01 Jan-
16 June
17 June-
16 July
17 July-
16 Aug
17 Aug-
16 Sept
17 Sept-
31 Dec
Small Class
2 Berth
Medium Class
4 Berth
Family Class
6 Berth
Large Class
6 Berth
Extra Large Class
7 Berth
Luxury Class
3-4 Berth
NOTE: If Vehicle is returned before 11:00 am on the last day there is a discount of €50
( discount is only available upon booking, it will not be granted at pick up or drop off )
A Base Charge of €250 applies to All Rentals

Available Motorhomes

One Way Rentals can be offered between depots and the following locations: Ivalo, Kuopio, Bergen and Trondheim.

Daily rates include:

  • 22% Tax
  • 300kms per day
  • Compulsory insurance againts loss or damage
  • Vehicle Insurance (with an excess of €2,400 per incident)
  • Kitchenware and Vehicle Equipment
  • Instruction Booklets (multi language)
  • Free Luggage Storage at the depot

Base Charge Includes:

  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Basic interior cleaning
  • Technical check-up
  • Transfer from and to airport / airport hotels in all locations (Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, Arlanda International Airport, Gardemoen International Airport, Kuopio Airport, Rovaniemi Airport, and Ivalo Airport).
  • Guidance for using a camper (Service language is English) This service can be given in video format.
  • Delivery and collection 24 hours in a day & 7 days a week (by appointment only)
  • Information package with guides, maps, and instruction manuals

Rates Do NOT include:

  • Petroleum ( DIESEL ) is not included in the price. Diesel tank is full at the pick-up and it has to be returned full. Clients can choose to purchase refueling service if they wish to return a vehicle with non-full diesel tank.
  • Gas is not included in the price. Both bottles are full upon pick-up and we charge 50 euros for each used bottle . No charges if returned full. Gas bottles can be purchased in advance.
  • Blankets and pillows are not part of standard accessories.
  • Parking at our depot - We charge 8 € per rental day if a client leaves their vehicle at our Rental Station (Available in Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Stockholm, and in Oslo)

Authorized Driver:
A valid driver's license is required for all rentals. Driver must have held a driver's license for driving passenger cars for at least one year.
Primary driver

Primary driver will be added to the Rental Agreement by Touring Cars sales office. The office will add the name, which was given upon reservation, to the Rental Agreement. This individual must hold a valid driver´s license, be over 18 years of age, present an acceptable credit card (debit cards not accepted), have held the driver´s license for driving passenger cars for at least one year.

Authorized Operators:
Individuals not automatically covered on the Rental Agreement, as Authorized Operators, need to be approved by Touring Cars staff before adding them on the agreement.

Renter and each Additional Authorized Operator must be present to sign Rental Agreement, present an acceptable credit card (debit cards not accepted), show valid driver´s license, and must be a minimum of 18 years of age, he or she must have also held the driver´s license for driving passenger cars for at least one year. Additional Authorized Operator can be added without credit card number if the Primary Driver takes the responsibility for the accidents and damages up the deductible.

  • 1st additional driver €9.00 / day (maximum €61.00)
  • 2nd additional driver €6.00 / day (maximum €44.00)
  • 3rd, 4rd etc, additional drivers free of charge

Driver's License:
A valid driver´s license is required for all rentals. Driver must have held a driver´s license for driving passenger cars for at least one year.

Minimum Rental Period:
Minimum Rental period of 2 Days all year round

Additional Kilometres:
The daily Rental Rate includes 300kms per day. You can save over 30% on additional kilometres by pre-purchasing these:

  • 100kms pack - €40 per pack
  • 200kms pack - €80 per pack
  • 300kms pack - €120 per pack
  • 400kms pack - €160 per pack

There is no refund for unused kilometers. Otherwise any additional kilometers that you travel over the pre-paid amount are paid for at the end of your rental at €0.60c per kilometer.

City Transfers:

  • From / to Downtown locations (one-way price)
  • Finland, Helsinki €59
  • Finland, Rovaniemi €29
  • Sweden €79
  • Norway €99
  • Reykjavik €79

Ryan Air Airport Transfers:

  • Skavsta (Nyköping), Sweden
  • Vesterås, Sweden
  • Torp (Sanderjord), Norway
  • Moss (Rygge), Norway
  • €249 / one way


  • TC Plus - €1,200 deductible €12 per day
  • TC Premium - €600 deductible €19 per day

Depot Hours:
Pick up is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Any pick up / drop off between 2300hrs and 0500hrs will incur an additional fee of €79.00

Early Return Discount:
Return your vehicle before 11:00am and receive a €50 refund - when requested only.

Helsinki, Stockholm and Olso depots are open all year round. Rovaniemi is open from 01 May to 30 October 2010.If you drop off later than you specified return time, you are subject to a fee of €50 for each hour that you are late.

Pick-up & Drop-off Policy:
All rental vehicles shall be picked-up and dropped-off according to appointment set upon booking. Our Sales Office will ask you to state your pick-up and drop-off times, when you book your holiday. You can change these times up to 24-hours before scheduled times. However, Touring Cars reserves the right to all changes, and we do not guarantee any changes after you have received your booking confirmation.

You do not have to wash the exterior of your rental vehicle. However, according to our rental conditions, you need to perform few tasks before returning the rental vehicle. Please check that the following tasks have been done before drop-off:

  • Empty trash cans in vehicle and shake all rugs.
  • Empty grey water and toilet tank.
  • Check that both gas bottles are full or otherwise we charge 50 € per bottle at drop-off.
  • Fill up Diesel tank of vehicle.

If you wish not to perform these cleaning related tasks, you can purchase Final Cleaning, which includes first two items on the list. The price of this service is 149 euros per rental. In addition, you can purchase Diesel Refuelling Service, which cost 13 euros plus diesel charge stated at the pump. This way you do not have to worry if the tank is full upon drop-off.

Winter Rentals:
Rentals are available throughout the winter period.

Water system:

Client will be responsible to make sure that rental vehicle is heated properly at all times. Client takes full responsibility for water system damages. Additional winter conditions are given at rental.

Winter Tyres are mandatory in Scandinavia between 01 Dec and 28 Feb. During this period winter tyres are included at no additional cost. If you wish to have winter tyres fitted outside of these dates, an additional charge of €60 per rental and €5 per day applies.

One Way Rentals:


Bergen, Trondheim, Ivalo and Kuopio are avalable only as one way rental, and you can only return the vehicle to these locations (ie: no pick ups from these locations).

One Way Specials:

* OPTION 1 - Pick Up Helsinki / Drop Off Oslo or Stockholm before 15 June 2010 (category will be based on number of people traveling)
* OPTION 2 - Pick Up Oslo or Stockholm / Drop Off Helsinki after 20 August 2010 (category will be based on number of people traveling)

Package is sold in full weeks. Days that exceed a full week, will be charged based on normal price list.
Prices include base charge, daily fees and one-way fees. Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.
1. EUR 853 for 7 rental days
2. EUR 1524 for 14 rental days
3. EUR 2195 for 21 days

Damage Insurance:
The insurance system is divided into 2 categories in Finland. First category is compulsory insurance, which covers damages to other party in case of accident caused by negligent party. Second category is collision insurance, which covers damages to the vehicle of negligent party.

The collision insurance covers damages to own vehicle in a case of accident, fire or theft. The insurance is not valid if the vehicle is being used under influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Also, insurance is not valid if the damages are caused because of careless behavior by the renter or his party.

Touring Cars offers both insurances free of charge to all renters. The collision insurance has €2400 deductible, which means that the renter is responsible paying up to €2400 if he or she causes a damage or an accident to the vehicle. The collision insurance will pay the excess of €2400. It is very important to notice that the deductible is per damage or accident not per rental period.

Touring Cars also offers two different extensive insurance coverage options to clients, who rent a camper for a minimum period of one week. Clients can choose to buy more extensive collision coverage and to reduce the deductible amount to 1200 by paying 12 per rental day. They can also purchase TC Premium Insurance, which lowers the deductible to 600. In addition, there is no deductible for one tyre damage and / or one windscreen damage. This package costs 19 per rental day. Minimum period is 7 days or a payment of equivalent amount. These deductible rules are valid for external and internal damages.

Deductible cannot be reduced, when a client travels to Russia or to Baltic states. Deductible in the case of thet is minimum 20% of the vehicle’ s value. Touring Cars also ofers two diferent extensive insurance coverage options to clients, who rent a camper for a minimum period of one week. Clients can choose to buy more extensive collision coverage and to reduce the deductible amount to €1200 by paying €12 per rental day. hey can also purchase TC Premium Insurance, which lowers the deductible to€ 600 . In addition, there is no deductible for one tyre damage or one windscreen damage if a client purchases TC Premium insurance. his package costs €19 per rental day. Minimum period is 7 days or a payment of equivalent amount. these deductible rules are valid for traffic accident damages ONLY. all insurance packages include Touring Care 24-hour roadside assistance (Value €9 per rental day)!

  TC Basic TC Plus TC Premium*
Daily Charge
Minimum Charge

If an unauthorized driver causes an accident or damages the vehicle, deductible follows TC Basic insurance package and its rules.

Extra Items:

Additional Extras and Charges
Bed Linen Set
Blanket, Pillow, Towels, Pillowcase, Sheets
€39 per person
Extra Bed Linen Set
Towels, Pillowcase, Sheets
€25 per person
Baby Cot Folding pop up baby bed
€38 per bed
Baby Seat Law requires that all children up to 135 cm travel in
specialized baby seats.Please inform us the height, age and weight of each child!
€38 per seat
Baby seats for bicycle Please inform us the height, age and weight of each child!
€38 per seat
Children’ s booster seat after 135 cm Please inform us the height, age and weight of each child!
€18 per seat
Toilet chemical Required if clients wish to use chemical toilet
€17 per bottle
Camping set Camping table and chair for each person
€4 per day
BBQ Set Coal grill, coals, igniting luid, utensils, and matches
€29 per rental
Coffee machine Electric Cofee maker - Works only at Camping Ground, when vehicle is connected to electricity grid!
€18 per device
GPS Navigation device
€9 per day
Bicycles Set 3 diferent sizes of bicycles 26” , 24” , and 21” Bicycle helmet, pump and repair kit
€8 per day
Helsiniki Card Discount card to Museums, attractions and public transport in Helsinki
24 hours Adult €38 /Child €14 | 48 hours Adult €50 / Child €18 | 72 hours Adult €125 / Child €21
Tire wedge pair For vehicle elevation
€2 per day
Mosquito set Spray, wipes, and treatment lotion
€12 per day
Rain coat Plastic rain coat
€6 per coat
Final cleaning Cleaning of grey water tank and septic tank, cleaning exceeding 2 hours, emptying trash cans, and separa ing bed linen
€149 per rental

Fuel Purchase Option:
Touring Cars rentals commence with a full tank of diesel. A refueling charge of €33 + €2.50 per liter will be applied to a rental if a vehicle is returned with less than a full tank of diesel. Client may choose the Fuel Purchase Option . Full Purchase Option is available at the time of rental and allows clients to return vehicle without refueling diesel tank. Total cost is based on self-service diesel price in the area and €16 surcharge. his option allows a client the convenience of not having to refuel the vehicle prior to returning.

Cleaning Fee:
The vehicle must be returned with empty waste water tank and lavatory cassette. Also, vehicle has to be moderately clean inside. Failure to comply will entail a cleaning surcharge of €188 and labor charge of €75 per hour.

Smoking is prohibited in the camper, we will charge €1062 if this rule is broken.

Animals are not allowed in the campers, the penalty fee is €500

Parking Fines:
Touring Cars will automatically charge all parking ines, which clients have received during their holiday, from their credit card.

Cancellation Fees:
Once we make a reservation on your behalf cancellation fees apply. We therefore suggest that you take out Travel Insurance at this time.

Cancellation Fees
45 days or more prior to departure
30% of rental costs
44 - 30 days prior to pickup
45% of rental costs
29 - 16 days prior to pickup
70% of rental costs
15 - 01 days prior to pickup 100% of rental costs
Day of Pickup 100% of rental costs
Amendments: EUR 30 / EUR 60 once documents are issued

Click here for Terms and Conditions further information


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