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Lakoauto Motorhome Rental RV Hire in Hungary - Europe
Valid 01 January 2010 - 31 December 2010

Depot Locations: Belatonfuzto, Budapest and Debrecen

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2010 Daily Rates are in Euros
Valid from 01 January 2010 - 31 December 2010
Low Season
01 Sep 09 - 14 Jun 10
High Season
15 June- 31 August
Low Season
01 Sep 10 - 31 Dec 10
7+ Days
7 + Days
7 + Days
Fiat Chausson W 9
4 Berth
Fiat McLouis Lagan 410
5 Berth
Ford Chausson W 22
5 + 1 Berth
Ford Rimor Europeo NG 1
6 Berth
Ford Rimor Katamarano Premium
6 Berth
Ford Chausson W 28 Garage Premium
5 Berth
Ford Chausson W 28 Garage Premium 
6 Berth
Flash 03 Premium
6 Berth
Flash 05 Premium
6 Berth

Available Motorhomes

Daily rates include:

  • 500km Daily / Unlimited Mileage for Rentals longer then 10 days
  • Lliability insurance, CASCO insurance (with the self-contribution defined in the Contract)
  • Costs for repair (except the punctures), maintenances and the refuelling of lubricants.
  • Bicycle Holder
  • Daylight top
  • Hi-Fi equipment
  • Refidgerator
  • Built in bathroom
  • Premium category vehicles have air-conditioning
  • Tax @ 20% VAT
  • In High Season the price include motorway ticket in Austria and Hungary.

Extras to be be re-booked and pre-paid at time of Booking:

  • Reduction of CASCO Insurance: EUR 4 + tax per day
  • Preparation Fee (includes gas bottle, chemical, cleaning): EUR 60 + tax per rental
  • Kitchen Equipment (for 4 persons): EUR 50 + tax per rental
  • Bed Linen: EUR 25 + tax per person.
  • Airport Transfer: EUR 60 + tax
  • Reducing of Insurance own-risk: EUR 4 + tax per day
  • Cleaning Toilet (if necessary): EUR 80 + tax
  • Camping Set (table, chairs, european camping catalog): EUR 24 + tax
  • Inverter from 12 V to 220 V at low performance): EUR 10 + tax.
  • Arrival outside normal opening hours EUR 50 + tax each
  • Gas Bottle EUR 28 + tax
  • Toilet Chemicals EUR 12 + tax

Please Note: All our motorhomes have kitchen, refrigrator, shower room with warm water, bike carrier and Omnistor. Models in Premium category have Aircondition in cock-pit and Aircondition of 220V as well. All vehicles works by diesel oil, and can drive with normal car driving licence.

Security Deposit:
The amount of the security deposit is EUR 1200.
Please note that the security deposit is to be paid by Cash (EUR or HUF) at time of collection of vehicle.
(credit card / travelers cheques are not accepted)
Please Note: Every motorhome is equipped with bicycle holder, daylight top, Hi-Fi equipment, refrigerator, built-in bathroom. There are air-conditioner (220V) in the category "Premium", and a garage for transport bicycle or moped respectively.
The Motorhomes have Diesel engines.

Preparation Fee
Mandatory - includes 1 Gas bottle, 1 bottle Chemicals and general cleaning. EUR 60 + tax

Daily rates include 500kn daily - Extra km cost EUR 1.70 + tax per 10km
Unlimited mileage for rentals of longer then 10 days

Standard Models:
no definite Air Conditioning, 6 to 6.5m long, 2004 / 2005 models

Premium Models:
Air conditioning in Drivers Cab + Electrical in main area. 6.5 to 7m long, Max age of vehicle 2 years.

Pick-Up and Return:
Pick-up hours: 2pm to 5pm
Drop of hours: 9am to 10.30am
Pick-ups and drop offs are available after hours and are on a request basis. Fee may apply.

Further Conditions:
At the booking you have to pay 40% of the full rental fee, the rest should be paid at least two weeks before departure. In the case of cancelling the leasing we pay back 50 % of the already paid amount of money. The motorhome can be picked up from 8.00am of the first rental day. It should be dropped off by 6.00pm of the last rental day.

Drivers Licence:
Must have held a driving licence for at least more than two years.

Documents Necessary for Leasing:
Identity card of the lessee and his driving licence older than two years. Identity card and driving licences of the drivers of the caravan. Two invoices from public utility companies on the home address and name of the lessee.

In Case of a Company:
Certificate of incorporation not older than 30 days, specimen of signature of the persons being authorised to signature of the firm, and two invoices from public utility companies on the home addresses and names of the persons authorised to signature of the firm.

General Rental Conditions:

  • 1 ) Lessee shall comply with all internal and foreign laws, official rules, rules of the road, and he has full responsibility for them.
  • 2) Lessee shall use, treat and protect the car and its accessories with adequate care according to the instructions for use. He has full financial responsibility for all arisen damages in case of non-complying of them. Lessee shall carefully handle the given documents, protect against damage.

Lessee shall protect the car in his possession and use with all the available means against stealing, thus it should be closed in case of out of use, no valuable objects should be kept in it at visible places, if possible the car should be parked at guarded or closed place, and, at any case, leaving it alone a high caution shall be given.

3) It is prohibited

  • to let out, to give in use the car for third person, to let to drive the car by persons not listed in the Lease Contract,
  • to operate the car careless or inexpertly, or to overload it,
  • to use non-adequate fuel in it,
  • to operate it with motor oil of insufficient amount
  • to use it for transport of strange persons or goods
  • to use it for transport of domestic animals
  • to use it for car rally, or for preparation for it
  • to use it for pulling other vehicles
  • to use it in case of frozen in coolant or flowed away lubricating oils
  • to drive under the effect or after consumption of alcohol, medicine or narcotics.

4) Lessee shall refund the total arisen amount of the damage:

  • if the car is careless or inexpertly operated or overloaded
  • if he uses non-adequate fuel in the car, or operate it with motor oil of insufficient amount
  • for every loss, damage, abrasion over the usual degree, arisen during the leasing, if it is not an insurance case
  • for every loss of parts, accessories, furnishings and other objects
  • for careless guarding, parking, storing, letting alone
  • for damages out of stealing, partly stealing the car, if any of the keys, vehicle licence, or the authority evidence papers for property or using right of the car were left in it
  • for every action, behaviour of Lessee or his representative, which excludes or limits the compensation of the insurance.

5) Lessee is obliged to pay the self-contribution of the insurance shown on the other side, if damage has risen out of his fault and the insurance company refunds it. The compensation responsibility of the Lessee is independently from the height for the total amount of the damage, if the roof, the tyre, the bottom-plate and the parts below it, the outside mirrors, the antenna and the inside part of the car are damaged.

Lessee is obliged to pay the self-contribution - as a part of the divided risk among the Partners - also in that case, if the car was stolen from him, and the Lessee proceeded according the point 2. The action, enforcement of claims, litigation against the insurance company or the thief of the car is the obligation and cost of the Lessee.

6) Lessor takes no responsibility for the values and other objects (money, valuables etc.) left in the car. Neither takes he responsibility for the direct or indirect damages of Lessee, arising at the breakdown of the car.

7) The Lease Contract comes into existence according to the tariff given in the Calculation Sheet. The other material expenditures above the tariffs according to the scale of charges (e.g. parking, ferry, toll etc.) load the Lessee. Lessee is obliged at the signing the Contract to pay a caution defined in the Calculation Sheet, which gives a security to Lessor against possible damages caused by Lessee.

The caution will be paid back at the end of leasing, deducted the amount of damages possibly caused by Lessee. Lessor is not obliged to pay back the caution until a pending matter exists related to the compensation. Lessor is not obliged to pay interests after the caution. The amount above the payment in advance should be paid not later than two weeks before the journey. In case of waiving the journey Lessee gets back 50 % of his payments until now.

8) The tariff includes the

  • charges for the liability insurance
  • charges for the CASCO insurance (with the self-contribution defined in the Contract)
  • costs for repair (except the punctures), maintenances and the refuelling of lubricants.

All other expenses arising during the leasing load Lessee.

9) Lessee shall give back the car before the final date - in the absence of an other agreement - in the usual business hours, at the giving down place (see point 11) - taking into consideration the normal using up - in the same conditions as at the receipt. If Lessee used the car in a non-proper way, or it is in very polluted condition, the damages and the costs arising out of this shall be refunded by Lessee.

If Lessee gives back the car to Lessor after the final date, then Lessor shall pay for every late begun 12 hours a charge of one day. If Lessor can't give over the car for any reason at the beginning time, then he shall pay Lessee for the delay compensation equal to the charge for the delayed time and smart-money of EUR 200. If the delay exceeds two days, then Lessor can waive from the Lease Contract, he gets back the full paid charge and he has right for a further amount of EUR 400 smart-money.

If Lessor has a delay, Lessee has against Lessor no right for compensation or other claim over the ones written above. In case of external circumstances that can't be brought up against Lessor (especially in case of stealing, accident or delayed giving back by the lessee before of the agreed car), Lessor has the right to give over Lessee a car of the same category and the same technical conditions instead of the original one.

10) If Lessee wants to use the car after the final date then he shall announce it Lessor latest 24 hours before. Lessor is not obliged to prolong the Contract. At the break of the Contract by Lessee, Lessor has the right to cancel it with immediate effect and to take back the car from Lessee. Partners fix down, that if Lessee doesn't give back the car used by him 48 hours after the expiration of the Lease Contract, or doesn't prolong it, or doesn't give an excuse for being late, so Lessor can suppose, that Lessee has illegal misappropriated the car, thus Lessor has the right to inform the police against Lessee or to warrant for the car. Lessor can take the same measures if other circumstances establish the above supposal.

11) In the absence of another agreement the place of give over or back the cars is: Budapest, III. Bécsi út 310., Lessors office.

12) At the km-value given in the column "Obligatory service-km" of the Handling over Protocol Lessee shall get one of the brand services according to the type of the car to hold a technical review. The bill containing also the reading of the km-counter and the VAT should be given down at the office of the Lessor; Lessor refunds the justified costs of the technical review. If the review will be done later or omitted, Lessee shall pay after 500 km exceed EUR 400 to Lessor, and at every further begun 100 km further EUR 40. At every 2000 km Lessee is obliged to control the level of the motor oil, if necessary to fill it up.

13) In case of a breakdown Lessee can go to the next brand service, where he can get the car repaired without the permission of Lessor and at his expense up to an amount of EUR 400. At an irreparable breakdown, accident or a repair with high amount of money Lessee is obliged to contact Lessor immediately, at the phone number: 06/20 444-28-12.

14) In case of a repair according to the point below, Lessee shall ask for the changed part, preserve it and at the latest give it to Lessor at the giving down of the car. Failing this Lessee will be charged with the costs of repair.

15) In case of an accident with personal injury or material damage Lessee shall ask for the measures of the police, or in case of break open, damage, stealing the car, he shall inform the police and shall give down the documents about it (protocol, credentials etc.) in the office of Lessor. In the case of an accident Lessee shall proceed carefully, do his best for clearing the matter, collect all the possible data of the participants in the accident (e.g. registration number of the other vehicle, name, address of the owner, block-plan, possibly photo). Lessee has no right to enter into an agreement; he must not declare anything against the interests of Lessor.

16) Every road event in connection with the car - especially that can hinder or impede the later rent - (bump, glass break, disappearance of the car etc.) shall be announced latest in 3 hours to the Lessor. In the case of an accident or breakdown Lessee is obliged on the base of a previous reconciliation - at the expense of Lessor - to put and guard the car on a secure place.

Cancellation Fees:

Cancellation fees take effect on receipt of your booking request by Motorhome Holidays

Cancellation Fees
After confirmation
40% of rental costs
28 - 15 days prior to pickup
75% of rental costs
14 days or less prior to pick up
100% of rental costs
Amendments: EUR 17 / EUR 35 once documents are issued


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