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Bobo Campers RV Hire in South Africa
Valid 01 November 2009 - 31 October 2010

Depot Locations:

Cape Town (South Africa), Johaenssburg (South Africa) and Windhoek (Namibia) 

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2010 Bobo Campers South Africa Daily Rates shown in ZAR
Valid from 01 January to 31 December 2010
Vehicle Class
Day Range
Mid Season
01 Nov 09 - 31 Mar 10
Low Season
01 Nov 09 - 31 Mar 10
High Season
01 Jul - 30 Nov
Discoverer Deluxe - 2 Berth
3 to 7 days
8 to 28 days
29 + days
Discoverer Budget - 23 Berth
3 to 7 days
8 to 28 days
29 + days
Discoverer 4 - 4 Berth
3 to 7 days
8 to 28 days
29 + days
Discoverer 6 - 6 Berth
3 to 7 days
8 to 28 days
29 + days
Discoverer 4x4 - 2 Berth
3 to 7 days
8 to 28 days
29 + days
Please Note: 3-7 has limited klms of 220 per day

Available Motorhomes


The daily rental rate includes the following:

  • 14% VAT (South Africa) / 15% VAT (Namibia)
  • Limited Kilometres for rentals less then 8 days with 220km free - thereafter R 3 per km. Unlimited Kilometres for rentals of 8 days or more.
  • Stainless Steel Cutlery, Crockery
  • Bedding, Towels
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Camping Table
  • Camping Chairs
  • Road Maps

Minimum Age
Drivers must be 21 years or older.

Vehicle Inclusions
All vehicles come complete with cutlery, stainless steel crockery, bedding, towels, kitchen utensils, camping table, camping chairs and road maps. Be assured of a complete inventory.

Additional Extras:

Extras in ZAR
220 V Heater
ZAR 40 per week
ZAR 50 per week
Two man tent inclusive sleeping bags and mattresses
ZAR 40 per week
Baby car seat for younger than two years:
ZAR 40 per week
Gas barbeque:
ZAR 40 per week
Automatic gearbox for Discoverer 4 or 6:
ZAR 40 per week
Extra kilometres:
ZAR 3.00 per klm
LCD portable DVD player. Recharges on 12V. Ideal for the kids
ZAR 50 per week


Cost in ZAR
Johannesburg Airport or hotel within 10Km from airport:
ZAR 70 per person
Johannesburg hotel more than 10Km from airport:
on request
Cape Town Airport or hotel in Cape Town:
ZAR 135 per person
Windhoek International Airport or hotel:
ZAR 155 per person
Children under 12 years

One Way:

Cost in ZAR
One way within South Africa:
ZAR 3200
One way Windhoek:
ZAR 3600
Other cities
on request

Border crossing
Cross border surcharge: ZAR 1000

Currency fluctuations
All credit card transactions are conducted in South African Rand (ZAR). Due to exchange rate fluctuations there could be some variance in the amount refunded compared to the amount initially charged. If a credit card is presented as payment, the credit card holder will be jointly and severally liable as a customer.

Repairs of up to R 1200 may be undertaken without authorization and will be reimbursed upon presentation of receipts depending on the chosen CDW option. When over R 1200 we need to be contacted for authorisation. Change of requested vehicleBobo Campers reserves the right to substitute a comparable or superior vehicle should the requested vehicle not be available due to unforeseen circumstances. This shall not constitute a breach of contract and does not entitle the hirer to any refund.

Vehicle substitution
We reserve the right to substitute under special circumstances the desired vehicle with an equal or better vehicle without prior notice before the start of any rental period.

1 - If a vehicle needs to be substituted because of an accident or mechanical problems, and the hirer refuses to accept a replacement vehicle as stipulated above, the hirer is seen to terminate the contract, and no reimbursements will apply.
2 - Vehicle substitution costs because of an accident or mechanical failure caused by own fault will be for the hirers’ account.

Depot Hours for pick-up & drop-off
Bobo Campers has branches in Windhoek, Johannesburg and Cape Town. Office hours are daily from 7.30 to 16.30. The offices are closed on 25 Dec, 1 Jan and Easter Sundays.


  • If the rental vehicle is involved in an accident and is not driveable, a replacement vehicle, if available, may be collected from the closest branch.
  • If the hirer requires a replacement vehicle to be delivered, then these charges will be for the hirer’s account. None of the excess reduction options cover this process.
  • The hirer is responsible for the recovery (ex. towing) of the damaged vehicle to the original rental depot.
  • Should there be no replacement vehicle available, no refund for lost rental days will be considered.
  • If the hirer is unable or unwilling to take a replacement vehicle, no refunds for early termination of the contract will apply.
  • No refund of rental days lost will be considered during the period in which a replacement vehicle is being organised.

Should the hirer continue with a replacement vehicle then a new rental contract and insurance conditions will apply.

Parking / Speeding Traffic Offences
Bobo Campers reserves the right to charge the hirer for any speeding or parking fines, associated administration costs and / or accidents including third party vehicle / property damage not reported on the return of the vehicle.

Other Important Information - Discoverer 2,4,6 & Deluxe
Important permitted areas of travel for the Discoverer 2,4, 6 & Deluxe ranges

All campers are allowed to travel on any properly tarred surface. Good smooth sand roads are also permitted. There are areas however that are not suitable for driving with a camper. These are: the Swartberg Pass (SA), the Sani Pass (SA), Kalahari Gemsbok Park (Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park), The road to the Sentech Towers in Marakele Park (SA), Baviaanskloof Pass (SA), Mozambique, Malawi, Angola, Zambia further than Livingstone, 4x4 trails, the Skeleton Coast Park (Namibia), the short road from Hobas to the Viewpoint (Fish River Canyon), the Okavango Delta (Botswana), narrow and steep single lane mountain passes and any road in South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana and Namibia that do not adhere to the condition of roads as mentioned above. Traveling in Zimbabwe is not recommended, since items like fuel or food are currently not always available. We also do not take responsibility from damages arising out of fast speeds and long distance driving on the washboard roads (especially D-roads) in Namibia.

Personal Injury and belongings
Personal injury and belongings are not covered by our insurance. It is advisable to obtain your own travel insurance.

Kilometres Useage
Limited Kilometres for rentals less then 8 days with 220km free - thereafter R 3 per km. Unlimited Kilometres for rentals of 8 days or more.

Insurance CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)
Minimum age of driver is 21 years with valid international drivers license. Basic excess is applicable on all vehicles involved in a collision or accident: ZAR 35000 for the Discoverer 2, 4, 6 & Deluxe. Taking the following options can reduce this excess:

  • CDW 1: ZAR 140 per day reduces the excess to ZAR 12,000
  • CDW 2: only applicable for rentals from 8 days onwards - ZAR 190 per day reduces the excess to ZAR 7,000
  • CDW 3: only applicable for rentals from 15 days onwards - All-In-Cover ZAR 230 per day reduces all risk to nil for all models. This option is not available for Namibia.

Excluded from all options are driving recklessly and/or while under the influence of alcohol. (Willful damage by the hirer). Accidents caused by these will result in the full excess being applicable. Excess is payable in all circumstances whether you are at fault or not. Excess will be returned when party at fault has paid the owner.

Driving in the dark, speeding and driving on the wrong side of the road often causes accidents by the hirer. Never drive faster than 100 km/h on tarred roads and 60 km/h on sand roads.

General Information & Conditions Discoverer X

Permitted areas of travel for the Discoverer X range
Vehicles may be taken into South Africa’s neighbouring states but are not allowed into Angola Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique or Malawi. Driving on 4x4 Tracks that require an entrance fee or club membership are also not allowed. All insurance cover is void if vehicles enter these prohibited areas and will result in a breach of contract. The 4x4 is used for driving terrain that is usually inaccessible with a normal two-wheel drive vehicle. Dangerous and irresponsible manouvers to test the abilities of the camper to the limit is not allowed under any circumstances.

Bobo Campers reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to restrict vehicle movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions, political situations or any other reason.

Please ensure that the departure, approach and roll angles are observed as in the manual of the motorhome. These must never be exceeded under any circumstance.

Personal Injury and belongings
Personal injury and belongings are not covered by our insurance. It is advisable to obtain your own travel insurance.

Kilometres Useage
Limited Kilometres for rentals less then 8 days with 220km free - thereafter R 3 per km. Unlimited Kilometres for rentals of 8 days or more.

Insurance options
The maximum risk on the Discoverer X for the customer is ZAR 52,000 . This is included in the rental contract. If this option is taken, the hirer is liable for the first ZAR 52,000 damage to a vehicle or third party vehicle / property. The excess of ZAR 52,000 can be paid by cash or credit card (a manual imprint of the credit card will be taken and the amount will have to be authorised by the bank). This is fully refundable on return of the vehicle to the agreed location, on the agreed date, with no damage incurred to the Bobo Campers vehicle or third party vehicle / property.

Collision Damage Waiver options to reduce excess:

  • CDW 1: ZAR 150 per day reduces the excess to ZAR 18,000
  • CDW 2: only applicable for rentals from 8 days onwards - ZAR 200 per day reduces the excess to ZAR 13,000
  • CDW 3: only applicable for rentals from 15 days onwards - ZAR 240 per day reduces the excess to nil. This option is not available for Namibia.

The hirer will be fully liable for any damage to the Bobo Campers vehicle or third party vehicle or property (CDW is cancelled and maximum damage is payable by the customer) if:

  • The terms of the rental contract are breached.
  • Damage to the vehicle is caused by careless, willful or reckless driving.
  • Driving on any 4x4 man-made track that requires an entrance fee.
  • Damage to the vehicle caused by incorrect use of the clutch or handbrake.
  • Incorrect use of diff-loads and/or transfer cases.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Driving on restricted roads / areas.
  • Water submersion or salt-water damage is caused.
  • Failure to cease travelling when dashboard lights indicate a major problem.

Other General Terms

1. Hire of camper
Leisure Enterprises SA (the owner) hires to the customer this vehicle in terms of these general conditions of hire.

2. Deposit and hire charges

  • The customer shall give to the owner a deposit slip, which shall be returned without delay on the return of the vehicle to the place from which it was hired. When the customer does nor own a credit card, a monetary amount equal to the excess sum is applicable.
  • The hire charges, at the rates signed for, are payable in advance unless otherwise arranged.
  • The customer shall pay for any damaged item that belongs to the owner when an excess applies.

3. Period

  • The initial period for which the Camper is hired shall be stated on the contract.
  • The hire period shall commence when the customer takes delivery of the Camper, and shall end when the owner accepts the return of the camper.

4. Camper in good order & Conditions

  • The camper shall be deemed to be in good order and repair and fit for the purposes for which it is intended when delivered to the customer, unless the customer notifies the owner of any defects immediately on taking delivery of said camper,
  • The owner shall, in its sole discretion decide whether the camper is defective or unfit for the purpose for which it is intended, and shall be entitled to terminate this agreement and refund the deposit and any hire charge paid, or shall replace the defective camper.

5. Breakdowns and Repairs

  • The customer shall, maintain the camper and its belongings, in good running order and repair to the standards required by the owner until the camper is returned to the owner.
  • All campers are new models, but minor problems can always arise. Minor repairs done while travelling by the customer could be reimbursed on presentation of a receipt on return. The customer shall immediately notify the owner of any breakdown. The owner shall be entitled to repair or replace the camper at his cost, unless the owner in its sole discretion, determines that the breakdown is due to improper use of or failure to service and maintain the said camper, in which event the customer shall on demand, reimburse the owner with all costs incurred as a result of the breakdown.
  • The customer shall return the camper in a clean state and in good order and repair, fair wear and tear excepted. In the event of the camper or any of its belongings being lost destroyed or damaged as a result of any cause prior to the return of the camper, the customer shall be liable to make good the replacement cost thereof and hire charges continue until the customer has paid for or replaced the lost camper and/or its belongings.

6. Use of camper

  • The customer acknowledges that he is aware of the purpose for which the vehicle was designed, as well as all safety and maintenance procedures which are required of the vehicle by any lawful authority, and shall only use the vehicle for such purpose, and shall comply with all such safety and maintenance procedures. The customer shall be liable to and hereby indemnifies the owner for all damage or loss suffered by the owner should the vehicle be used for any other purpose, or should the customer fail to comply with any required safety and maintenance procedures.
  • The customer shall use the camper at its own risk. The customer shall have no claim of any nature against the owner of the vehicle, for any loss suffered or damages sustained by the customer arising from any cause, including, without any limitation, the use of the camper and provisions thereof. We also do not take responsibility from damages arising out of fast speeds and long distances driven on the washboard roads in Namibia –especially D-roads.
  • We do not charge a cleaning fee, but in case of a camper returning with a too dirty interior or exterior, we will charge a cleaning fee of ZAR 250 (~250~). Toilet not emptied also subject to a cleaning fee of ZAR 250

7. Access

  • The customer shall, at all times, be fully responsible for the camper prior to the return thereof, and shall return it to the owner at the expiry of the hire period or on cancellation of the agreement.
  • The owner shall at all reasonable times be entitled to have access to the camper, for the purpose of inspecting or repairing the vehicle.

8. General

  • We, the owners, will not be responsible for hotel or other accommodation due to the immobilisation of the vehicle for any reason and will make refunds for time lost while the vehicle is being repaired, at our sole discretion.
  • The customer is liable for all traffic offences incurred whilst the vehicle is on hire.
  • Refrigerators,stoves and microwave are checked by the owner and the client before every rental, consequently we do not accept liability for any possible malfunction of these units during the rental period.
  • The vehicle must be returned by no later than 4 pm on the last day of hire or an extra day could be charged.

Cancellation Fees: 
Once we make a reservation on your behalf cancellation fees apply. We therefore suggest that you take out Travel Insurance at this time.

Cancellation Fees
If cancelled 3 months prior to pick-up
30% of rental costs
If cancelled 2 months prior to pick-up
45% of rental costs
If cancelled 1 month prior to pick-up
70% of rental costs
If cancelled 1 week prior to pick-up or no-show 100% of rental costs

All subject to change without notice and subject to currency fluctuations

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