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Ambassador RV Hire in Canada
Valid 01 January - 31 December 2010

Click here for 2010 Rates & Conditions

2010 Long Term Discounts
5% discount - 28 - 42 days
10% discount - 43 days or longer

Discounts can be combined

Depot Locations: Calgary and Vancouver
(Vancouver Click here for location map)

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2010 Rates are in Canadian Dollars
Rates include 100km/day
Valid from 01 January - 31 December 2010

Minimum 7 Days Rental
Low Season
Mid Season
High Season
01 Jan - 31 May**
21 Sep - 31 Dec
01 Jun - 11 Jul
25 Aug - 20 Sep
12 Jul - 24 Aug
Class C 22ft Motorhome
Sleeps 4
Class C 24ft Motorhome
Sleeps 5
Class C 27ft Mottorhome
Sleeps 5
Class C 29ft Motorhome
Sleeps 6
Clas A 32ft Motorhome
Sleeps 4
Please Note: The Rates above do not apply during 2010 Winter Olympics ( January 21 - February 28 ). Rates on request only

Available Motorhomes
Deluxe Roadtrek  Campervan
Deluxe Roadtrek  Campervan
Deluxe Roadtrek  Campervan
Deluxe Roadtrek  Campervan
Deluxe Roadtrek  Campervan

Kilometer Plan:

  • $ 165 for each 500 km Package
  • $ 0.35 each additional km

Rental Rates Includes:

  • Vehicle Rental
  • 100 kilometers
  • Taxes 12%HST
  • Third Party liability and comprehensive with $500 deductible

Additional Charges:

  • $ 100 Preparation Fee (incl. transfers, first supply of propane, toilet chemicals and toilet paper)
  • $ 950 One Way Fee Vancouver-Calgary or vice versa
  • $ 200 Northern Rental Surcharge

Optional Additional Charges:

  • $ 75 per person per trip for Convenience Kit (bedding, towels, dishes, kitchen utensils, etc.) max. $ 300/4 kits
  • $ 20 per day CDR insurance (max. 35 days) reduces Deductible from $ 5,000 to max. $ 1,500

Additional Extras:

  • GPS - $5 per day (max. $ 50 per trip)
  • Mountain Bikes ) - $8 per day (max $80 per trip)
  • Child Seat - $50 per trip
  • TV / DVD - $75 per trip
  • BBQ (inluding propane bottle + utensils) - $30 per trip
  • Camping Chairs - $7 per trip
  • Electric Toaster / Coffee Machine - FREE ( on request)
  • Axe. - FREE

AMBASSADOR RV maintains liability coverage on all its rental vehicles to a maximum of $ 5,000,000 for any bodily injury and property damage liability claims arising from the operation or use of its rental vehicles. Premiums for this basic public liability coverage are included in all rental rates, which also include premiums for collision and comprehensive insurance with a deductible of $ 5,000 per occurrence.

AMBASSADOR RV provides additional coverage known as CDR (Collision Deductible Reducer) at $ 20/day to reduce the insurance deductible to $ 500 - $ 1,500 per occurrence. This is not an insurance but a contractual agreement between AMBASSADOR RV and renter, wherein AMBASSADOR RV agrees not to collect more than the agreed deductible from the renter per occurrence for specific losses or damages.

Damage Description
Basic Insurance
(inc. in rental)
CDR Insurance
($20 per day)
Fire & Theft (Personal Contents Not Covered)
max. $ 5,000
max. $ 500
Glass & Windshield Damage (incl. Rock Chips)
max. $ 5,000
max. $ 500
Motor Vehicle Accident, Vandalism, Hit & Run, Hail
max. $ 5,000
max. $ 500
Flat Tires or Damaged Wheels, Interior Damage
max. $ 5,000
max. $ 500
Vehicle Accident in Parking Lot, Campground, Service Station
max. $ 5,000
max. $ 1,500
Collision with any Stationary Object, Damage to Undercarriage or Air Conditioning or Slide-Out
max. $ 5,000
max. $ 1,500
Insurance & Security Deposit Required
$ 2,000 Processed Credit
Card Charge
Signed Credit Card

The following are not covered by the insurance and the costs of all resulting repairs/replacements are the sole responsibility of renter:

  • Deliberate and/or willful damages by the renter or damages caused while driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Damages due to failing to maintain proper tire pressure and damages due to misuse of the braking system (overheating) and/or transmission (overdrive)
  • Failure to maintain all fluid levels
  • Failure to use specified fuel or use of contaminated fuel
  • Damages to the interior, not caused by an accident
  • Damages occurred when driving in prohibited areas, mentioned in “travel restrictions” above
  • Operation by anyone under 21 years of age or not licensed
  • More passengers than the available seat belts
  • Towing of any kind
  • Freezing of the vehicle’s system
  • Motorhome theft in Montreal

First Night Accomodation:
It is recommended that clients stay in a hotel for the first night after a transatlantic flight. Same day pick- up is accepted only if the customer arrives at station prior to 15:00 hrs. Late charges may apply if pick-up of vehicle extends past office hours.

Transfers from/to airport or airport located hotels. All clients who do not return the vehicle at the agreed time, unless otherwise specified, will be responsible for their own transfer.

Pick up :
10:00 - 16:00 hrs (earlier if vehicle is available)

Vehicle Return :
08:00 - 10:00 hrs
A surcharge may apply for late returns without prior authorization. No refund for early return

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Saturday 08:00 – 17:00 hrs
$100 Surcharge applies to all handlings on Sundays, holidays or after office hours.

Ambassador RV reserves the right to substitute models of similar or higher quality. Any subsequent expenses (gasoline, ferry costs, etc.) are the sole responsibility of the renter.

Minimum Rental Period:
7 days minimum rental.

Vehicle Condition:
Fleet max. 4 model years. All are non-smoking vehicles. Sorry, no animals allowed. A $ 150 cleaning deposit is processed at time of rental and refunded upon return of cleaning unit.

Vehicle Size:
The category of a vehicle is determined by the actual length only. Any reference of the manufacturer to a model or floor plan is irrelevant.

Minimum / Maximum Age of Drivers:
21 – 75 years (For drivers under 25 years, the CDR insurance is mandatory. Max. vehicle size is 24 ft.)

Traffic Tickets:
Client is responsible for all tickets and fines.

Renter's Responsibilities:
Client is responsible for routine maintenance i.e. check fluid levels, tire pressure, etc. Receipts for necessary repairs are required for reimbursement. Exchanged parts must be returned to AMBASSADOR RV. Mechanical problems have to be corrected immediately to avoid discomfort or inconvenience. There is no reimbursement if customer does not inform AMBASSADOR RV within 24 hrs or does not take the necessary steps to have a problem corrected.

Northern Rental:
A surcharge of $ 200 applies to rentals traveling north of Fort St. John on the Alaska Hwy, Cassiar Hwy, into Yukon and Alaska. Northern travel must be specified and be confirmed at time of reservation.

Travel Restrictions:
Trips north of Fort St. John Hwy # 97: only with Northern Rental surcharge

  • Trips north of Meziadin Junction on Hwy # 37: only with Northern Rental surcharge
  • No travel on Hwy # 6 north of Ross River
  • No travel on Hwy # 10 north of Tuchita
  • No travel on Hwy # 5 north of Jack Wade
  • No travel on Hwy # 4 and # 6 in Alaska
  • No vehicles allowed into Mexico
  • No vehicle parking in downtown Montreal (insurance reasons)
  • No driving into or through New York City (city bylaw)
  • No travel through Death Valley between 01 May and 01 Oct
  • No travel to the ‘Burning Man’ event in Nevada
  • No travel on roads marked “gravel, dirt, summer use only or 4x4 only” (except to campgrounds)

Customers who travel to restricted areas without prior permission will be subject to $ 1,000 penalty and VOID all insurance coverage.

Security Deposit:
Basic insurance $ 2,000 (if CDR is not purchased). Security deposit will be refunded if vehicle is returned undamaged, on time, clean, equipment complete, holding tanks empty, gas and propane tanks full. Deposits given by credit cards will be refunded by same. CDR Insurance: Signed credit card imprint only.

Damage To Vehicle:
In the event of loss or damage to vehicle while on rental, whether or not due to the fault of the rental customer, the customer’s responsibility for direct and accidental loss or damage to the vehicle is limited to a maximum of $ 5,000 per occurrence. There is no limit however if vehicle incurs loss or damage not covered by the insurance as outlined above.

Responsibility of Accidental or Consequential Costs:
AMBASSADOR RV is not responsible for hotel charges, car rental or any other incidental or consequential costs in the event of a breakdown. Any accident, damage to the vehicle, vandalism, fire or theft, must be reported to AMBASSADOR RV within 24 hours. A report to AMBASSADOR RV/ICBC and/or Police must be filed in case of an accident, any damage to vehicle, vandalism, fire or theft otherwise insurance is null and void.

Accident Procedure:
In case of an accident, AMBASSADOR RV will process the credit card Deductible deposit until the vehicle insurance company determines responsibility of the accident. If the vehicle insurance notifies AMBASSADOR RV that the renter is not at fault, AMBASSADOR RV agrees to reimburse the security deposit immediately after receiving notification from the vehicle insurance company.

Exchange Rates:
We cannot be held responsible for any currency variances which may occur.

Canadian 2010 Public Holidays:

01 January
New Years Day
02 April
Good Friday
24 May
Victoria Day
01 July
Canada Day
02 August
B.C Day (Calgary & Vancouver only)
06 September
Labour day
11 October
Thanksgiving Day
11 November
Rememberance Day
25 December
Chistmas Day

Cancellation Fees:
Once we make a reservation on your behalf cancellation fees apply. We therefore suggest that you take out Travel Insurance at this time.

Cancellation Fee
Anytime after confirmation
20% of invoice amount
29 to 15 days before rental
70% of rental fees
14 days prior to pickup

100% of rental fees

No Show 100% of rental fees
Please note: One-way rentals will incur an additional cancellation fee of CAD 200
Amendments fees for each document

CAD 26 / CAD 52 once final documents issued

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